Rowdy’s Ranch Pack

10391007_10101094208569690_3182556361402757932_nROWDY – Named after the city he was born in. 

Breed: Boxer

Birth-date: 3/7/2007

Meet Rowdy. The inspiration behind this venture. I always want to give him the best, and that is what I will provide your pets. Rowdy was my first dog as an adult. He is my loyal companion. Rowdy knows what I am thinking just by the way I look at him. In turn, I know what he is thinking and what he is telling me just by the way he looks at me.

He is now a wise, soon to be 10 year old. Rowdy is the leader of the household and great at teaching young dogs appropriate dog behavior.

Rowdy loves to chase tennis balls, laser pointers and go for walks.







KOWE (pronounced Co-We) – It is Ewok spelled backwards.
Breed: Brussels Griffon Mutt

Birth-date: 3/7/2012

Meet Kowe. She was rescued after her pregnant mom was surrendered to an animal hospital. Her and her litter mates were delivered via c-section and had to be revived. All but one survived.

Kowe is Rowdy’s dog. I essentially got her as a companion for him. He loved her from the moment I brought her home as a 2lb, 6 week old puppy.

Kowe is very affectionate and not your typical “lap dog.” While she loves to snuggle, she also loves to play with other dogs and roll around outside. She is a small dog with a big personally. She will do anything for food.





IMG_2901CUTTER- Named after the United States Coast Guard cutters.

Breed: Great Dane

Birth-date: 05/28/2011

Meet Cutter. He is a 130lb gentle giant and the low man on the totem pole here at the Ranch. Cutter is goofy and affectionate. Cutter tolerates more than he should when it comes to other dogs and is very submissive.

Cutter loves to go for runs and walks.



FullSizeRender BUZZMAN (Buzz)- Named after Buzz Lightyear

Birth-date: 5/28/2014 (Shared with Cutter since we are unsure of his real birthday)

Buzz is a cat that is pretty sure he is a dog. He grew up with dogs so he certainly is part of the pack. Buzz comes when called and will do anything for food.

Buzz likes to sleep and occasionally will play with Kowe when he’s feeling “frisky”.